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What's your project plan for 2022?

Well it's a new year and the possibilities are endless!!

The last 5 or so years I have been all about Vision Boards!! It's incredible the results I have had by spending time at the beginning of the year thinking about what I want the year to look like!! Some of my BIG successes include:

  • Hosting weekly sewing lessons

  • Having a sewing shed

  • Setting up a community group where likeminded crafty people can all get together and make friends and share their passion for craft

  • Design a planner

  • Be alcohol free

All of these started out as ideas in my head with no clue how to make them happen and now they all have!!

I have been thinking about this years vision board since November. What I realised on reflection is that I never put my craft projects on my vision board - guess what the results have been?? I have a million unfinished projects!! Does this sound familiar? I also tend to flit between projects as the mood takes me!!

So this year my first step was to list my unfinished objects (UFO) and Works in Progress (WIP) in my planner.

The great thing about my planner is that it works for ALL the crafts !! When I was looking for a craft planner a few years ago they all seemed to be craft specific - I like a lot of different crafts and even though I love stationary I didn't want a book for each craft as it would not give me a realistic picture of all the items I had on my to do list!! So I set about creating my own. If this sounds like something you need to help you get organised then you can buy one here

After I had listed them all - Yes ALL of them - on a bit of paper first (didn't want to mess up my planner) I then had a good think about them individually and made a decision about if I actually wanted to finish them or not!! This reduced the list by 1 (hehehe) I now have a list of 20 projects. These projects have either been started or I have all the materials required to complete the project once its started.

I then decided which one I will get the biggest sense of achievement from once completed and in my case I've gone for my Manx Log Cabin King Size Quilt!! (biggest and most time consuming!!)

Next step is to get it on my vision board - Now a vision board is in my opinion best done by hand and needs to have pictures as we imagine and see in our mind in images not words. So I took a picture of our bed and drew the quilt on top and it is now on my board. This needs to be followed up with an end date to make it more urgent.

Now that's all done I have sorted out the materials I need for my next few squares and put them all in this box so that they can be stored next to my chair and picked up when I get a minute.

As a result of this process I now know what my immediate project focus is and when I want it to be finished - I still get to buy fabric throughout the year which is great as I don't have enough bought in to complete this project. It was too big to buy it all in in advance and I would probably have had a fit at the final bill!!

Has this inspired you to list your projects and work on them 1 at a time or are you going rogue, I’d love to hear your thoughts xxx

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