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What craft projects will you be working on this Autumn?

Hello, my crafty friends! I hope you had a wonderful summer full of fun and sun. Personally, I can’t believe where this year has gone! Schools on the island will be starting again next week (check out last month’s blog on hemming !!) I’ve just finished providing refreshments for the Manx Grand Prix: Lots of motorbikes speeding around the Islands roads very fast!! I noticed that the days are getting shorter, and the nights are getting colder. You know me and what a cold creature I am, so I was thinking it's almost time to get the coal fire on, cozy up, and get crafty!

I don't know about you, but I love making things especially when the weather is chilly. (Well anytime really hehe) There's something so satisfying about curling up on the couch with a hot drink (I’m seriously considering a Hotel Chocolate velvetizer! – any thoughts?) a craft project and a Christmas film! Don't you agree?


Are 4 Holiday projects too much (I’m only away for a week!)?

My plans for September include a week in Scotland doing the North 500. I have already spent a considerable amount of time thinking about what craft projects I’m taking, although haven’t even considered what other things need to be packed – can anyone else relate?

I am still trying my best not to start anything new!

So I am still chipping away at the quilt and cross stitch. The dress is probably going to get shelved until I get the other 2 projects finished as it's going to be too cold to wear it by the time it's finished!

Picture of a woman with a dark grey cable knitted jumper on.
West Yorkshire Spinners - Cable Jumper

I am allowing myself to take the in-progress bottle green cable jumper as my holiday project. I started it a while back (I’m scared to look in my planner for the start date!!) so it’s already in progress and will probably take either the cross stitch or the socks that need to be repaired with me too. – Who am I kidding – I’ll be taking all 3 – cross stitch and socks really don’t take up much room!! However, the additional dilemma is what to work on whilst we are driving – there will be a lot of driving and I don’t think any of those projects are suitable for the passenger seat. Hit me with your favourite car projects!! Are 4 holiday projects too many?!!


I am, like you, dreaming of starting something new!

What I really want is to start something new this month!! I haven’t started a new project for what feels like ages!! It will either be the Fireside Blanket by Attic24 or the Borg Blanket by Insomnia Crochet. Both kits I have had for a while and will be perfect for the colder nights as I get the enjoyment of making it whilst the benefit of it keeping me warm!

Picture of a crochet blanket. in ocra, teal and grey. it looks like 3D blocks stakcked next to each other or 3D diamonds.
Insomnia Crochet - Borg Blanket
Picture of a crochet blanket. In autumnal colours . With multiple granny squares of various sizes in the centre of the square blanket and a multi row border to finish it.
Attic 24 - Fireside blanket

These were considered for the car project list; however, the Borg blanket is too much starting and stopping and changing colour so it got ruled out. The fireside blanket is still a possibility but in stripes instead of the granny square pattern as again too fiddly whilst in the car! Let me know if you have made either of these and do you have any tips or tricks to share.


Sharings caring xx

Please share with me in the comments your favourite makes so far this year. I’m always adding to my to-do list and terrified that I am going to miss my next favourite make!! click here to sign up for my newsletter so you don’t miss out on future blogs and up-and-coming news, workshops, offers, or products.

Let's catch up again in October and see what we all managed to get done!

Don't forget you are capable of more than you realise and I am your biggest cheerleader xx

Fiona xx

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