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My name is Fiona Collier and I am the owner of Make it Sew. I have lived on the beautiful

Isle of Man since 1999.


in 2009 I reignited my love of knitting when I decided to knit my son some mittens.

From there I taught myself to crochet, which being left handed was a bit tricky as there

weren't that many left handed tutorials.


In 2010 my Mother in Law bought me a sewing machine to take up a pair of curtains, and the rest is history! (and the curtains remain unaltered!!)


I made myself this running hat in 2016 and a friend asked me to make her one. Before I knew it I had orders for 50!!


I branched out into other items and when my son left primary school I stumbled on the school uniform bear idea. I made him one and was asked by a friend if I would make one for her son. Without realising I had started a business making hats and bears.

I eventually took the plunge in September 2017 and left my part time job to work on this full time. By the following September my range of animals had grown and the hats had taken a back seat to group sewing lessons

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