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3 Reasons why you should start your stress-free handmade Christmas in July.

If you're like me, you love making handmade gifts for your loved ones, especially for Christmas. But let's face it, the holiday season can be hectic and stressful, and sometimes we end up rushing to finish our projects and are often disappointed in the finish or generally the process wasn't as joyful as we had imagined xx

That's why I'm here to tell you why you should start working on your handmade Christmas gifts in July!


First of all, starting early gives you more time to plan and execute your projects. You can browse through social media, patterns and tutorials at your leisure. You can also take advantage of sales and discounts throughout the year, and stock up on supplies when they are cheaper. Plus, you won't have to worry about running out of time or materials when December rolls around. Bring on a stress free handmade Christmas.

Remember: Just because you are making it as a Christmas gift doesn't mean it needs to be Christmas fabric!

Advice: One year I spent AGES making these cute little bags in Christmas fabric and I was delighted with them - then I realised that I had limited their use by the fabric I had used.


Secondly, starting early allows you to enjoy the process more. You can work on your projects at your own pace, without feeling pressured or stressed. You can also experiment with different techniques, styles, and embellishments, and make each gift unique and personalized. You can also take breaks when you need to, and work on other things that inspire you.

Remember: Sewing should be fun, not a chore!

Suggestion: You know how much I love a planner so grab yours now and allocate some time over the coming weeks/months to work on your handmade Christmas.


Thirdly, starting early and making your own means you can avoid the last-minute shopping crowds and queues, and enjoy being ahead of the game. You can then make the wrapping of your gifts an occasion with Christmas music or a film and the time to spend to put the care and attention into these finishing touches that they deserve. Nothing beats the feeling of giving someone a gift that you made with love and care and watching their faces light up when they see the beautifully wrapped item that you have presented them with and that's BEFORE they open them!!

Scaled down drawstring bag  with gold binding opening. Dark green fabric for the bag with gold bees. Used as a gift pouch. Clear window in the middle and cash can be seen through the window. On a pine table. Would be a great cash gift bag alternative.
Scaled down drawstring bag used as gift pouch.

Suggestion: You could even go eco-wrap and make your own gift bags - my drawstring bag pattern could be just the thing (Just omit the clear plastic section of the instructions - might not be much of surprise if you leave that bit in!😁) Again think smart with these and pick fabrics that work but are not pigeon-holed into a particular occasion. You might even do personalised gift bags that you get back to fill again and again - starting a new tradition almost - and saving you a fortune in the long run on wrapping paper, sellotape and that curly ribbon that all get binned if they can't be recycled.

So what are you waiting for? Let's bring on a stress-free handmade Christmas xx


Action: Go grab your planner or notebook or piece of paper. Get the kettle on and sit and enjoy a cuppa and some planning time.

Quilt As You Go vertical Striped fabric basket, with multicolour fabric stripes and yellow binding and handles.
Quilt As You Go Basket
  • Who do you normally buy for? Write it down.

  • What's your budget? Write it down.

  • What could you make for each person? - Check out Pinterest, magazines, books you already own, IG etc - Have a look at my patterns in the shop for some ideas too - the Quilt as You Go basket could be great pamper basket or Christmas Eve kit . (Do yourself a favour - pick the ones that suit your skills and budget.) Write it down. (it could be nothing - and that's ok xx)

Red Planner with elasticated narrow pencil case in blue manx tartan with a yellow zip. on a pine back ground.
Red Planner
  • Check your stash. (I think I need to do a blog on organising your stash 🫶) Do you have anything suitable already? Could be a WIP or kit you haven't started 😉. Write it down.

  • Grab your planner or phone calendar and work out when you can fit time in to make these items - Be realistic (I'm serious!!) if it's too ambitious based on the crafting time available then PICK SOMETHING ELSE!! (keep an eye out for my Sewcial Saturday's these could be a great way to get some craft time in the calendar)

Boom - you are well on your way to a handmade Christmas xx


You'll thank yourself later when you have a stress-free and joyful holiday season. Happy crafting!

Love Fiona


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