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Sewing : How to handle slippy fabric.

Today's sewing share

Well I decided that as I am still technically on holiday I would have some time for a selfish sew.

Anyway we are going out on Saturday night and I thought "ohh I might make a dress for Saturday night!" I have used the pattern before for the sewing bee challenge last year (pattern here), however this fabric is a slippy sliddy floaty fabric, the last one was a denim which was much better behaved!!

Not relevant: It's a grey area as to whether I have broken my 5 day resolution of only doing 1 project until it's finished which is the log cabin quilt, as it is in "work time" - I think I am grasping at straw here - but it has made me feel a little bit better - ignore the fact that after I cut out this fabric I then used the skirt pattern pieces and used them to cut out another fabric, which I then proceeded to sew up!! Oh and the fact that I have now decided that the red dress would be far too thin for a cold creature like me on a night out in January!!

Anyway I used this for the lining of a bag last year so I already know its a NIGHTMARE to work with - What was I thinking!! Having 4 ish metres of this to work with meant it kept slipping off the table and was generally a disaster!!

So what did I do ? Lots of weights were used in the making of this garment.

I weighted down the fabric and put the pattern pieces on top - the issue with this is that when you go to cut it the fabric moves and the piece you have cut out in no way resembles the paper piece!! not great for a garment!!

So enter the trusty pritt stick I am officially adding Pritt stick to my sewing kit.

A quick run round the seam allowance of the paper pattern piece and off I went. Smooth out as you go so there are no bumps and cut. Result? The pieces were much more piece like. (sorry no photos to back this up xx)

Now I did experiment with scissors v rotary cutter. My free hand cutting with a rotary cutter needs more practice - especially on the curves and there are a lot of curves in this pattern. However my opinion is that if I could master free hand rotary cutting I would go for this option on this kind of project.

When using scissors you have to lift the fabric off the mat and it can still have a little bit of movement if the glue isn't completely stuck to the edge. The rotary cutter is cut straight onto the mat and has no lifting so was more accurate - well the bits I used the ruler for were!! I'm sure you get the idea.

I didn't take any pics of the before - sorry it was only after I used the pritt stick I thought to take a pic!!

So to summarise:

  • Pritt Stick is a great way of stopping pattern pieces slipping on fabric

  • rotary cutters are more accurate (if the user is) than scissors for this kind of project as you don't need to lift the fabric off the mat

  • Use lots of weights to stop the fabric moving - especially if it hangs off the table.

Here are some links to the dressmaking scissors, springloaded scissors and rotary cutters I would recommend xx

I am making dress A : buy pattern here

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