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What a week it’s been !!

The thing I struggle with the most as a business owner is TECH!

I (sensibly!!) made the decision not to do the software update on my iMac during lockdown - for fear of it not working and me being stuck with no computer until things were back to normal.

Things came to a head last week as I couldn’t get photos from my phone to open on the iMac - the format was wrong.

So I did the recommended update....

..... it involved a long overnight system overhaul.

Now I love my HQ, however having the iMac in there has its disadvantages (but that’s a whole other story!)

I got up on Saturday and was faced with my worse nightmare “an error occurred when applying the system update” it was frozen !!

I did the thing that every experienced business person does in these circumstances:- switched it off at the plug and switched it back on. I was feeling all hopeful. It didn’t last long!!

I spent far too many hours fixating on my computer dilemma. The knock on effect was that the planned tasks all got shelved whilst I dealt with this!!

Finally on Tuesday afternoon (Bank holiday weekend!) I got in touch with apple - 45mins later and it was fixed. Halleluja.

Since then I’ve been checking nothings been lost and doing some of my admin tasks in between sewing lessons and Crafternoon Tea.

Very little social crafting has been done this week and it has made me realise what a big stress buster crafting plays in my life!!

Realising that I need to factor this into my day for the health benefits has really given me a different perspective on my love of handcrafts.

Happy crafting this weekend .

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