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Make it Sew : What's it all about?

Happy Monday to my lovely readers xx

You will have noticed that I have got all fired about about getting organised and the benefits of routines. I am really passionate about this and many other things (tins, stationery, tea, crafting etc) I often get a fresh burst of enthusiasm for getting routines and organising at the beginning of a new year - which is not a bad thing!!

However, I realised yesterday that this website is not about home organising and routines. It's about crafting!!

So to all of my followers out there that have been scratching their heads this week and wondering if I had finally lost it - I haven't - I just forgot what this platform was for and you won't be seeing anymore home organising posts on the website. You very well might see my recommendations on storing my craft supplies though!! xx

For those of you that have enjoyed the posts, I have a Facebook and Instagram page where you can follow my home maintenance top tips from. xx

Just wanted to clear that up.

Have a brilliant Monday



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