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April - Where did THAT go!!

How are we a week into May!! I was just reading over March's Blog post and checking off my 3 goals. So I managed 2 out of 3 which ain't bad. The Memory Bear and squares were completed: YouTube video didn't even try!

I did however :

  • Mend a poorly teddy bear

  • Add some details to a policewoman teddy I had made for a friend.

  • Wrote Aprils pattern, ordered the contents, packed and distributed the boxes.

  • Attempted to video the making of the April box - didn't go well!

  • Showed up for 4 Tea with Fi's live at 5

  • Set up my West Yorkshire Spinners account and placed my first order!

  • 14 hours of sewing lessons

  • 10 hours of CrafternoonTea

  • Visited Ramsey Craft centre - it's so good!

  • Set up my new online Sewing membership - which wasn't even on the cards for anytime soon - thank you to everyone who gave me encouragement and or signed up - I am so excited about where this is going to go! Anyone who wants to go on the waiting list for the next intake can email me and I will add you to the list :

  • Set up a new facebook group

  • Bought some lighting and video equipment - Not sure what I'm doing with it yet - but it's a start!

  • Spent Easter with my family doing touristy stuff.

Did you get the things on your list done ? Don't forget to stop and recognise what you have achieved - even if they weren't on the original list - Celebrate your achievements.


May so far has had a surprising addition to the calendar - I was asked to crown the May Queen and Flower Princess at the Union Mills Brownie and Rainbow's May day event as I had made them replacement sashes for this year. I even had a go dancing round the Maypole!!

I am also pleased to welcome two new members to the weekly sewing sessions this month and can not wait to see how their sewing journey develops and their confidence grows.

Sewing Bee is another important addition to Mays calendar!! I am LOVING it already!! Who is your money on?

My Goals for May are:

  1. Complete 2 Memory Bunny's

  2. Finish Joyce's Blanket

  3. 16 Squares - made my me

What are yours goals - Write them down !! They are more likely to get done if you have written them down - I at least managed 2 out of my 3. What have I learnt this month? I wrote them down in the blog which was great. I didn't have them visible though!! They were not in my diary that I look at EVERY DAY. This month my goals will be visible every day so I am reminded of them every day!

Try it and report back.

Have a great May xx



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