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Surely everyone has one !

My last make of 2021 !!!

I started this on 28/10/21 - how do you know that I hear you ask? Well I recorded it in my planner (you can get yours here xx )

The pattern is one that I saved from a knitting magazine (not sure which one) I haven't done cables for AGES and I'll be happy not to knit another one until 2023!!

Anyway I stopped it for about a month as I was working on my Mystery Sewing Box launch in December ( you can sign up for January's here : - CrafternoonTea Chest | Make it Sew ( )

I picked it back up again in December and then once I got my Christmas orders completed I focused on getting this finished by the end of the 2021. It nearly never happened - thanks to testing positive with covid on the 19th December, however it did give me something to work on whilst I was ill - on the days I felt well enough to do something. Weirdly the structure of the pattern and it basically telling me what to do was just what I needed whilst I was ill. I'm not very good at sitting doing nothing so this way I was doing without needing to use too much brain power thinking about what to do (if you know what I mean). I literally finished this on the 30.12.21. I had just under a ball of wool left which wasn't really enough to do a great deal with so I decided I needed a matching tea cosy. (doesn't everyone!)

I used the same pattern from the jumper to make the tea cosy. I merged these details to a free pattern and this was the result. I might write up the details if anyone is interested - I think this could be the in thing for 2022!! lets start a new matchy matchy revolution - hehehe.

Its time to move on to 2022 and work out what my crafting goals are ! Have you decided on yours yet? Comment below to give me some inspiration xx

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