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My Manx Log Cabin Quilt : The Journey

Do you ever start a project and think to yourself: "Why did I start this?" or "what was I thinking?"

I have thought that often about The Quilt over the (at least) 4 years it has been in the making ( I honestly do not know when I first started it).

I know why I started it! I'm sure you have similar stories !! My friend Hazel was making squares and I thought they were so pretty and just had to have a go!! She who is much wiser than myself was making a throw for the back of the sofa. Me in my naivety decided to make a quilt for my bed ❤️.

In true Fiona fashion I went over the top:

  • King size bed - what was I thinking!

  • Hand sewing traditionally - very romantic - but SO time consuming!

  • Criteria: each fabric combination needs two squares maximum - difficult to police.

  • Criteria: plain side and patterned side - what's the definition of plain!?

I ploughed on enthusiastically on and off for a few years and accumulated around 50 squares. At this point I thought I would work out exactly how many I needed. Bad idea!!

So I identified I need a minimum of 210 squares - realistically I now know I need at least 256!! I worked out it took around one hour to make a square. I did the maths and didn't like the answer and boxed it all up and put it in the naughty corner.

It came back out briefly two years ago when I had the brain wave of doing a runner for the bottom of the bed and I set about sewing up what I had done. 22 squares and 6 months later I realised that I would forever look at the runner and think that should have been a quilt! Back in the naughty corner it went!

Fast forward to 2022 and I have decided that The Quilt is the 2022 project and my aim is to have completed it by the end of the year.

It's now the beginning of March and my current tally is 106 squares. My goal is to complete 15 squares a month and sew them up in December. This is my accountability Monthly update Blog. It's out there now so I need to make it happen and if not explain why.

I know there has been a lot of interest in these so watch out for a tutorial and there very well might be a MLC (Manx Log Cabin) monthly box being added to the shop - I would love to know what you think of this idea xx

I would love to hear of any similar "what was I thinking" stories that you currently have on the go (or in the naughty corner!)



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