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Holiday Wardrobe

Well, my holiday is a distant pleasant memory already!! It was lovely to see my family in person for the first time in 18 months (some of them 3 years!) Technology has been a God send during the last 18 months and I am VERY grateful for it, however sitting in the same room as your family and sharing a cup of tea in person is just, well, better than heads and shoulders on a screen.

Prior to our departure I prioritised what craft projects I would be taking over packing actual essentials!! I decided on a jumper and my back up plan was a pair of socks.

In the end the socks won, they were completed by the end of the first week and the jumper was then cast on, and off I went again. I managed to complete both sleeves and three quarters of the back before returning home. I found knitting very beneficial during the ferry crossing and the drive to and from Glasgow.

How do you handle long journeys?


When I did eventually get round to packing essentials for the journey, I was pleasantly surprised to notice how much of my wardrobe were MBM (made by me) items. One of the goals I set myself at the start of the year was to have a 75% made by me wardrobe. Well, I am on my way to achieving this goal.

MBM items packed:

· 2 pairs of trousers

· 1 pair of shorts

· 7 pair of socks (increased to 8 whilst away)

· 2 jumpers

· 4 long sleeve Ts

· 2 sleeveless tops

· 1 knitted jumper (increased to 1.5 whilst away – hehe)

My aim for my wardrobe is that I wear everything in it and that everything can pretty much be worn with everything else (capsule wardrobe). I’ll know I’ve achieved this when I get to the stage where I look in my wardrobe and love everything so much, I want to wear it all – or change outfits multiple times a day (Hehe – I won’t really!)

I am really niching down my style and this is key to a capsule wardrobe.

Now I deliberately don’t have a lot of clothes storage – and my rule is everything needs to fit in it comfortably.

Everything in it needs to fit me comfortably too and I need to feel good wearing it.

This rule means that I am ruthless with what stays and what goes.

EG: whilst away I went to GAP and bought

· 3 vest tops,

· 1 pair of jeans (you couldn’t try them on due to Covid rules!)

· 1 shirt

· 1 jumper

Instead of just adding to what I already had I revisited what was already in there. As a result

· 2-3 of my old vest tops have been relegated to the PJ department or charity shop

· 1 pair of jeans will be going to charity shop or upcycled (just need to decide which pair – there are 2 to choose from)

· I only had 2 shirts so I’m happy to not lose any of those.

That leaves the jumper – this is my biggest wardrobe section (you may not know this, but I am a particularly cold creature) and this is the area I will struggle with the most. I have a lot of jumpers that I have made or knitted so these are hard to part with. This will not be a quick decision. Even so 6 items have come into my wardrobe and 3-4 will be leaving.

I’m definitely seeing benefits of having less items to chose from.

  • Less washing

  • More space in wardrobe / drawers

  • Easier to find things

  • Less ironing

  • Less wasted time deciding what to wear

I’d love to know your thoughts on how much clothes storage is enough!


Have a great week,


Fiona xx

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