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Discount & Early Bird Club

The online membership has changed


 The new membership will appeal to knitters, crocheters, cross-stitchers, and machine sewists alike as all the shops offering discounts sell items for all of these crafts!!


It is now a discount and exclusive offers/access club!!

So what will you get?


The earlier you sign up the better the value.

  • Discount & Early Access Club

    Every year
    • 10 % Discount: Joans in Onchan
    • 10 % Discount: New Generation Port Erin
    • 10 % Discount: Ramsey Craft Centre
    • 10 % Discount: Make it Sew Shop (including new boxes)
    • 15 % Discount: Sewing Machine Services
    • 30 % Discount: JC Williams books
    • VIP access to new products and workshops
    • Special offers
    • Facebook Group

- Why have I changed it? :

Several reasons: -

  1. My belief in the benefits of crafting to improve your well-being is still very much the same. However, I felt that the monthly boxes for some people were adding to their state of being overwhelmed and that was NOT my intention. 

  2. Personally - trying to come up with a new pattern, make it, write it, record and edit it, make up the boxes, and distribute them was TOO much. 

However, the benefits of the rest of the membership are still appealing to many.

Boxes and patterns are not gone forever - All previous boxes will be available via my shop and new patterns and boxes will be available as and when I create them so keep on checking.

Make it Sew HQ is rootin' for YOU xx


Fiona Collier ( YOUR #1 cheerleader)

Wife | Mother | Creator of the Make it Sew Online Membership

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