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I love sharing my crafting knowledge, passion, and enthusiasm and generally being your biggest fan. This is followed closely by my passion for raising awareness of the importance and benefits of "crafting time for yourself" into your schedule. (Sewing mends your soul - self-care is an essential NOT a luxury) 


Problem: I can only reach so many people doing lessons and CrafternoonTea. 


The vision is: To help women who are overwhelmed by life, never mind ALL the sewing information out there, to prioritise themselves through selfish sewing. Creating time in your schedule for some selfish sewing might seem a bit well selfish, however, I am here to tell you that Crafting Creates Confidence. That confidence then spills out into the rest of your life. Creating time for you is creating a happier YOU. Happier YOU means happier whole house !!  enough said - let's get scheduling some sewing time. 

Solution: I launched my membership in 2022. The membership helps by providing a structured one-stop shop for all your sewing, shopping, and learning needs, and obviously cheerleading styled confidence-boosting vibes from me - your number one fan xx


[Can you feel my excitement – think Tigger from Winnie the Pooh!!]

SEW 😉 if YOU are:

  • Running on empty and needing someone to tell you it's ESSENTIAL to take time out.

  • Brand new to sewing and need to know how to thread your machine.

  • Or You can sew but get frustrated when things go wrong.

  • Or You want to improve existing skills.

  • Or You want to stretch yourself and try different makes.

  • If  You want to sew but are really busy and can’t commit to lessons or even shopping for patterns and materials.

  • Or if You like to share sewing stories and makes with other sewers.

  • Or if You like the idea of being part of a crafty community.

Then keep reading as this membership is exactly what YOU are looking for 😍

What you currently get inside the membership.

  • A positive, supportive environment where everyone cheers each other on xx

  • The membership will become a bespoke resource for each member.

  • Discount! 10% Joans of Onchan,

  • Discount! 10% New Generation Port Erin,

  • Discount! 10% Ramsay Craft Centre,

  • Discount! 10% Make it Sew shop,

  • Discount! 15% Sewing Machine Services,

  • Discount 30 % JC Williams books,

  • Exclusive members-only offers,

  • New Pattern every month,

  • Access to all previous patterns,

  • Monthly masterclass (pattern tutorial)

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Product reviews/recommendations

  • Unboxing videos

Ideas for the future:

  • Sew Like a Pro digital course (with or without supplies) (on demand and live options)

  • A success path with clear milestones and a reward system.

  • Points system – think Boots card

  • Technique chats,

  • Guest speakers,


  • Online chat option

  • Birthday Bonus

  • Live chat / Zoom


❤️If this sounds like it's just what you've been looking for then join the waiting list ❤️

WARNING: There are only 9 box places = very exclusive!!

If you would like to try before you buy - then you can purchase one-off boxes here.

Check out this Tea with Fi episode where I discuss the patterns made so far and a

bit more about the boxes.


Even if the membership isn't for you please hear this: "Sewing mends the soul. Take time to mend yourself before you're too broken to fix! You can't be all the things to all the people you love if you are at the bottom of the mending basket!" 

Make it Sew HQ is rootin' for YOU xx


Fiona Collier ( YOUR #1 cheerleader)

Wife | Mother | Creator of the Make it Sew Online Membership

Please add me to the waitlist

Membership option:

Thank you x

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