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Founding Members Launch 

Offer Ends: Midnight 30th April 2022

You already know I love sharing my crafting knowledge, passion, enthusiasm and generally being your biggest fans ❤️


So I need to share my crazy mad idea with you!! . 🥁🥁🥁🥁


🥁🥁🥁🥁I want to turn Sew Like a Pro into an online membership!!  💥💥

(I can only reach so many people doing in person lessons and CrafternoonTea 😢)


The vision is to help busy / new / frustrated sewers who are overwhelmed by ALL the information out there with deciding, buying, learning and that’s before they even get to the sewing!!


My new membership will help them by providing a structured one stop shop for all their sewing, shopping and learning needs 💥❤️❤️and obviously cheerleading styled confidence boosting 💃🎉🥳


[Can you feel my excitement – think tigger from Winnie the Pooh!!]


SEW 😉 if YOU are:

  • Brand new to sewing and need to know how to thread your machine.

  • Or You can sew but get frustrated when things go wrong.

  • Or You want to improve existing skills.

  • Or You  want to stretch yourself and try different makes.

  • If  You want to sew but are really busy and can’t commit to lessons or even shopping for patterns and materials.

  • Or if You like to share sewing stories and makes with other sewers.

  • Or if You like the idea of being part of a crafty community.

  • Or if You would like the opportunity to help shape an online crafty community that You would be proud to be a part of.



Then keep reading as YOU 👉❤️ are exactly who I am looking for 😍

The plan (in my head!) will be an online community (possibly within the website 🤷‍♀️) offering all or a combination of the following:

  • In person lessons and workshops will still happen and be discounted via the membership (as an add on as this will only be a benefit to a small group)

  • Sew Like a Pro digital course (with or without supplies) (on demand and live options)

  • A positive, supportive environment where everyone cheers each other on xx

  • The membership will become a bespoke resource for each member.

  • A success path with clear milestones and reward system.

  • Patterns (Different levels for different people).

  • Tutorial videos (I will not be defeated!!) 

  • Points system – think Boots card

  • Project boxes for all abilities.

  • Knowledge nuggets,

  • Monthly patterns,

  • Technique chats,

  • Guest speakers,

  • Product reviews,


  • Special offers,

  • Discount codes,

  • Mystery Craft box

  • Info for all abilities.

  • Online chat option

  • Live chat / Zoom

  • Live sew along

  • Online shop

  • Top tips,

Be warned it is literally a vision at the minute so hopefully I have described it well enough for you to have a great picture of what it could looks like!!


I am SO excited about this next step and would love you to join me on the journey as we shape this membership together.


Why am I telling you this?

[❤️ much love for getting this far ❤️]


To make this vision a reality I need Your help!!

I need You to believe in my vision and become one of my founding members so that we can shape this community together.

I need You to help me to tailor it to what You want not what I think you want!!

You get to shape it – Think about what Your prefect scenario would be and help me create that together xx

You get the exclusivity of saying you are a founding member (title to be confirmed – You can help decide what the founding members will be called 😉 (Maybe not SLAPPERS this time xx🤔)

You get the option of having a role within the membership : we will need admin / social media / book keeping / packing / buying / editing roles.

You get to join at the Founding member price for the duration of your stay in the membership. Guaranteed to be the significantly lowest EVER one time only price.

⛔⛔This founding member offer is only available until midnight 30th April 2022 after this date the membership will be closed and the founding members will begin the exciting process of creating this membership from nothing!! Membership will remain closed for some months as we work on the creation process.❤️ ⚠️When the doors open again the price will be significantly higher. 💷💷📈


If YOU want to be one of my founding members, then please message or email me for the next steps 😍😍 (This is going to be EPIC!)


P.S : Don’t kick yourself on the 1st of May 😉FOMO is the WORST!

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Yes I want in 

Thanks for Joining me!

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