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SC -Isle of Man

11.01.22: I thought the box was very professionally put together and just about perfect, everything was in there taking the stress out of planning a project - like any kit, who would not love it. I opened it on Christmas day and it was a real surprise - a perfect gift for any sewer and all part of the experience. I thought it was good value for money - the fabrics and notions were all of a very high quality - please don't change that as it is important to work with good fabrics to achieve good results. It was good value for money and I would consider buying again and even subscribing.


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JL -Isle of Man

3.2.22: Just opened my sewing box. Absolutely fabulous! I love everything about it! Thank you so much.

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EW - Oxford 

2.2.22: A lovely parcel dropped through the door. Extremely prefessional looking and I really look forward to getting the sewing machine out once again. Thank you. The T-Bag and biscuits are a lovely touch 🙂 I will send a picture when i have finished.

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