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🥰These were an absolute joy to make. I was given 10 Manchester United tops and asked to make 4 dogs with them.

The only criteria was that each one had a Manchester United badge on it's ear.

🤔The hardest bit about these commissions is deciding which bit to put where!

The decision making cannot be rushed.

✂️Once the fabric is cut it can not be un-cut! 🩹I am unable to go and buy replacement fabric if I make a mistake or just plain old change my mind!!

👀So I really need to be able to visualise the finished item at the cutting out stage.

🐶Each dog is different but similar.

🐶They all have different coloured eyes and I love that they all have different expressions on their faces purely because of how they have been sewn together and the final hand sewn face features applied.

💔I know handing over your items to a stranger can be really tough.

💔I know it's a MASSIVE deal to trust someone you don't know to take your precious items and turn them into a keepsake for you to cherish.

🙏I take that responsibility very seriously which is why I don't overload myself with orders for these. I don't want them to be a tick and turn exercise or a production line.

💖They deserve to be given my full attention and respect.

💜I am so lucky and grateful that I figured out that this was something I was able to do to bring comfort to others at their saddest moments.

💜 This brings me joy and makes me feel like I am really making a difference to people where it matters most.

Thank you for choosing me xx

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